Our Team

Consultants and Development Team

  • Alex Galea
    Managing Director
  • Brita Wissen
    Associate/ PRISM Train the Trainer
  • Colin Lock
    Managing Director UK
  • Guido-Eckhard Schmidt
    Business Trainer & Consultant
  • Hazel Miller
    Learning Consultant
  • Lenka Maruniakova
    Business Trainer
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Myra Pearson
    General Manager
  • Natasha Soureti
  • Rachel Russell
    Business Trainer
  • Steve Tarr
    Founder & Chairman
  • Thomas Menze
  • Tristan Debono
    Associate for Business Optimisation
  • Natasha Ebejer
    Business Trainer

Learning and Development Support Team

  • Melissa Nosrati
    Learning and Development Support
  • Sam Bonello
    Administrative Assistant

Mdina International specialises in tailor-made, leadership, management and sales development programmes, supported by our coaching and consultancy expertise. Our success stems from years of experience in the industry, being able to put hard measures on soft skills and being passionate about making a difference.